Secret City Head Race 2015 Results

UT Crew had a fantastic showing last weekend at the Secret City Head Race! Ten boats medaled in eight events, with three of our boats coming in first place in their event. The results and times are shown below. We are especially proud of our two men's novice eights, who took first and second place, and with a time difference of only 12 seconds! Our next regatta is Head of the Hooch in two weeks, where we hope we can have an equally strong showing against some of the best teams in the country.

Go Vols!

Mens Lightweight 4+
2nd - 19:37.7

Mens 2-
2nd - 21:00.6

Mens Novice 4+
1st - 20:26.1
3rd - 21:56.9

Mixed 4+
1st - 20:36.7

Womens 8+
3rd - 21:16.3

Mens Novice 8+
1st - 19:48.6
2nd - 20:00.7

Mens 8+
3rd - 18:22.3

Womens 4+
3rd - 22:01.2


Full results for all entries can be found here: