Tennessee Crew has a Team Store through Sew Sporty! While the apparel is tailored to the rower and coxswain, Sew Sporty gear is also available to family and friends of current rowers, as well as Tennessee Crew Alumni! Providing both casual and performance wear, Sew Sporty provides great gift ideas for the past, current, or future rower! Each item purchased on the store goes towards helping the club team grow! 

To access the store through Sew Sporty:

  • Go to  http://www.sewsporty.com
  • Click the "Team Link," at the bottom of the left column
  • Find Tennessee Crew under the "Team Name"
  • Password: govols*
  • Follow the link to the new site

* The password is only required when accessing through Sew Sporty's main website. You can also follow the link here, without the password: http://www.sewsporty.com/TNcrew/


We sell extra team tshirts for $10-20, depending on how old the shirt is. Contact us for more details!

Boathouse Jackets

Boathouse jackets are usually ordered at the end of the fall season. They generally run about $100.